Developmental techniques for preschool children,
which we use in our daycare.

Education of the child begins from an early age, it can be said from birth. We are constantly engaged in the development of our children so that they progress fast and effective. In their speech, in getting to know the world, and later — to read, write and communicate.

Today, modern educational systems for children come to help new parents. 

How the use of these techniques benefit our children? 

First of all, they developed by the professionals and help us to introduce new material to children in an interesting, comprehensive and effective form. Therefore, we consider several of the   – known and effective methods for the early development of preschool-age children.

Method Maria Montessori.  Maria Montessori Method was developed for children from three years old. The main principle of this technique is that the child is given the opportunity to choose.  The child decides what, how and for how long to be engaged in this activity. The child does not need to be forced to learn, it must be interesting. The Montessori method is represented by a whole complex of lessons from numerous exercises. 

Games on the Nikitins system. The main idea of Nikitins education is the enhancement of child creative skills to prepare him for his future adulthood. 

Speech teaching systems. It is aimed at the pronunciation of sounds, as well as teaching the child to read at an older age and visual perception. The material is much easier and faster absorbed if the child is active. The main idea of this method is that an adult let children look at a card while pronouncing the written word. Card should display image and words written in bold red letters. The technique relies on the fact that the child remembers the word entirely, and that helps to develop a memory. 

Many methods recommended by the Montessori system have been used by our specialists for more than 30 years. But we also use the Nikitin system and other techniques that we have studied over the years. We are also studying and understanding a great deal from our relationship with our kids and their parents. Children in our childcare are very fond of games such as “Fold a square”, “Fold a pattern”, “Uni-cube” and “Dots”, as well as Montessori frames and inserts. Many of the exercises require the preparation of various materials, such as figures, frames, natural materials, and liners. All this is made in our kindergarten by us.

So by the moment:

The complex use of teaching methods allows us to create in our childcare a unique atmosphere for the comprehensive development of the child and creating a good foundation for further education.